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Hi I'm new here and my name is Samantha and I am currently 15 years old. My favorite band is tool I love Maynards voice and the music is something that helps me cope with alot of things. It's been there everytime I'm down and it's something to relate to and calm you. It can change your mood so quickly.. I made a few graphics of tool. I only have done Maynard so far but I'm going to do some more of the rest of the band. I though I would post it in here but if anyone in here doesn't think there should be graphics feel free to delete this post. If you take anyone of these you need to credit me. If you want a username of anything added into the Maynard Friendsonly banner you can comment and I will be more than happy to add it. If you want something changed or whatnot with the glitters also comment and give credit please. I'm hoping to work on icons and color bars for tool. oh yeah and by the way save these to your desktop and upload themn to your own host because more than likely i will be deleteing this at some point and they will appear as an x on your journal. thanks
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Why does everyone who makes a post offer to let the moderator BALETED! the post?

I just don't get it.
It's the cool thing to do.

And hii to the new person. ^-^

Anyway, on the subject of deletion..Deletion makes it feel important, because it's important enough to be deleted. Therefore, no matter how idiotic the post, it is paid attention to context wise, because it has to be deemed as stupid somehow. So it's paid attention to. Right?

Dare I say meow?
hahahah not really why I said it could be delete but you have a Oh and I almost forgot to say Hi.. lol
good day♥
I don't know, I just did it becasue I didn't know if the community likes graphics or not *shrugs*. I just joined the community and I didn't want to be on bad terms but I guess I am for saying it could be deleted. So, Sorry.
Oh, nothing to be sorry about!

Haha, scroll down about two poss before, and you'll see my introductory post and how it deals with deletion.

Nothing wrong with a bit of graphic, theyre just a bit big ^-^''
hahah yeah they are. I love to make graphic too, there are so much fun. Have you ever made any? Although my friends only banner is kinda crappy because Maynard is just a bit blurred in the picture i got. Have you ever went to (i think that is what it was)? It had TONS and I mean TONS of pictures of tool and then just the other day I went there and *bam* it was "forbidden".. I don't know what happenedd to it? *hmmn*
Yes, I love making graphics, but I'm an icon sorta chica.
I made mine. I havent been to the site you were talking about, but I remember a really good site before it died was Innuendo Cornopica (which means the horn of fruit, I just cant spell..) But I'll pull up a new tab and go to your site.
yeah I can't make icons worth crap lol.. I like making layouts the most.. Although you can't use them in livejournal without a paid account. I spend alot of my time at deadjournal where i have a free account also but i can use my layouts i make on there. Yeah it's so hard to find tool pics for me. Maybe not other people lol but when I found that site I was like in heaven lol.. but then it was like forbidden and i was like gahhhh noooooo
Yeah, it pulls up as forbidden as mine. What in America that's good isnt illegal now, seriously. Sex and drugs and alcohol and general chaos is illegal.. If you walk too fast, it's illegal. If you walk too slow, it's illegal.

Jesus, I swear, Im moving to Britian.

I love making icons, do you want one? I cant make layouts for shit, and I dont have a deadjournal, you need some sort of bloody code from a person who already has one. I like A Perfect Circle pictures more for some reason, especially with Paz. I might get shot for saying that, but oh well. Maynard by himself is always good too...and Danny Lohner..

I think I'm going to stop now... yeah...
yeah I know everything is illegal. We should move to britan together wouldn't that be fun.
Yeah I got a code from my x-friend Andy. ksdjfklsdjf I HATE HIM skdjflksdjfsdfj
Okay enough venting. Yeah I kinda carrying the codes. I give a code to someone and when their a week passes (it takes a week to generate a code) then I get in their account and get their new code so i can give it to someone else. Everyone wants one so It's really chaotic right now lol..
Yeah I like Maynard alot. He's like my ultimate favorite and I'm completely obsessed with him. All my friends think I'm gross because "he could be my dad" but I really don't care *eeeekkk he's so flippin hot and his voice is so damn sexy* haha okay I'll stop now too
oh yes I almost forgot to say Yeah I want an icon also.. thank you much.. Mine right now is one my friend tiffany made for me

dfcklfnFJCNaudsGH xje3'dsuhd meow sdjl;adhuadeasd;ksjdiasdh...

I got it the first time. Didn't need to include the "indeed." for the benefit of stating the obvious.
"Threw you the obvious, but you flew with it on your back."

Sorry if I made you mad. Such was not my intent. I'm just in this bouncy,hyper state of mind and I'm trying to expel as much energy as quickly as possible so things arent hurt.
Honey first off, this is the intARNETS and you're not even real here. You're not gonna make me mad.

Second I'm mildly irritated anyway, and it just got furthered by everyone being like "Please delete my post because I suck even though the user info makes it perfectly clear that the mod doesn't give two shits about what I write so long as it's related." and no one catching my SB reference (or at least noting to me that they caught it.

I'm tired, new job = new hours = fuck me up.

I'm going to bed before I get more pissed off at your responce (and don't worry, tonight any responce you have will piss me off =)
Awww, I'm so sorry.


Good luck with your new job.
Ahh, yes. Let me sign into the bloody thing, AIM is my main user thing.
hi new person. and welcome.

i do want to mention one thing. your username is lost all feeling. this makes me sad. keep listening to tool. perhaps stinkfist in particular. please feel. its one of the primary essences of being human.

I choose to live and to
Grow, take and give and to
Move, learn and love and to
Cry, kill and die and to
Be paranoid and to
Lie, hate and fear and to
Do what it takes to move through.

I choose to live and to
Lie, kill and give and to
Die, learn and love and to
Do what it takes to step through.
- - forty six $ two
*forty six & two rather.

being human has so many flaws and points that it makes..

but I never looked at it that way...
you have to realize your initial humanity if you choose to evolve past it. embrace every aspect of what it is to be alive and breathing.
Indeed.. but I dont think its' possible for us to evolve past what we already are. Once you realize the state of being human, there is really not much you can do about it, other than applying it to daily life and teaching others. I guess it's just being in an elightened state of mind or something..
Hi! Yeah Tool helps me cope with alot of stuff. Yeah but I just lost my aenima and opiate cd and I cannot find them anywhere and I'm like flipping out because I don't know if I left them at school or not but I still have my other two cds, so hopefully I will find the other two soon or else I will buy them again.
Thanks for the welcoming♥
sorry I had more to say but I can't think right now