Samantha (lostallfeeling) wrote in alientheory,

I made another Friends only banner! If you use please credit and tell me... I went to the bookstore yesterday and found some books on alex grey. When I get more money I think I will buy a few of his books I really love his art work actually there is a piercing place down in clarksville, Ten. and it's called mantis and they have his artwork painted all over the walls it's absolutely amazing!
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I so should have gone to the convention they had in NY with Alex Grey. <3

You make the biggest things ever, haha.
there was a convention they had with him?!?!?!?! and I missed it? *sob* Yeah i know I should probably make them alittle smaller its just that is what eveyone like uses that i make for them so i rarley make anything smaller
Yeah, I was in Florida at the time thought, my mom was going to go for me. It's not a big deal if you like big things, I'm just obsessed with all things compact.