Nyarlathotep (call_of_cthulhu) wrote in alientheory,

GREETINGS from the fallen city.

I realized last night that this community has grown from ?five? members running from the same calamity. We bounced and played in this new found freedom. All around us people and fans were fighting tooth and nail.
We were the lifeboat to a tidal wave of fleeing refugees when two gangly, stick lesbians overtook the bodies of what could have been sane, thoughtful persons. I can't quite remember if that community is still working? Hyperbole?
I believe strongly, though this is lj and fun for the masses, that this community is and shall remain a good place, a safe place... free of lightning and dictators and creepy fish persons.
I may disagree with things you say but I doubt it will turn into a mud slinging free-for-all... much less, me banning people or telling them to go elsewhere. I'll just eat you. If you don't know what I mean when I say this, go read "Call of Cthulhu" by HP Lovecraft and maybe you will come to know and love these stories as I have. This is a tangent of course...
At one time I had personally greeted everyone who joined at their journals... but then I went away for a while and came back to a large volume of new members in my absence. It's good to know that you have all taken to heart that even though I created this thing, I am not the moderator... I just set the damn thing up. We all should take care to not preserve what there is here, but allow it grow and not to become infected or harbour hatred and alienate people. I feel this has been done. Butterflydamage and Doesanyoneknow and Hyperbole and whoever else was here took command and thanked and welcomed as much as their hearts swelled to see so many people joining our wild dance of freedom.

I can't tell you how long I've waited to see a group of people obsessed/in love/ enchanted by Tool to come together and not bicker and argue, but talk.
Since bloodycake and toolerapc had caused some problems, I found that you two have helped us grow as well. Though I didn't agree with the things you've done or said, I don't feel any animosity from you or towards you. Don't get me wrong here, though, those were mistakes... and we should all learn from these... and history must not repeat itself for you should end us all that way.

In timing with the next release, I feel it's time to reflect on what has been. Looking back and smiling and pondering.

I have always felt that if those people who had hurt us, or were the cause of our flights, could always join us. No hatred. No battering. Just people coming together to honor this music that makes us feel whole or makes our energy pure or gives us that sense of hope and peace. Not pry, but open our third eyes.

The following is, of course, very optional:

I don't know if there's an anniversary date or whatever, but since the coming alive of my passion renewed by the last APC concert I attended, I have been wanting to open it all up. Bring it all out. Come together and share. SHare with pictures! [pity the dial up and lj-cut peas and carrots] Share your experiences. Come awake! Tell us all your thoughts and beginnings. It can be apc or tool or if you feel compelled, anyone else. It can be dreams, stories, fantasies... let it all meander and swim.
In light of recent members, and reactions and multitudes of comments, just open up and let us in. Is your third eye open? Psychic experiences, religious meanings, hidden thoughts, or, you know, ~~**ALIUM THEORIUMS**~~!!! Tell us about it! It's a big meet and greet! Hold your lights high for all to see...

I am but a way, and headed home.

~Your Friend and squishy elder god,

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