Samantha (lostallfeeling) wrote in alientheory,

Hi I'm new here and my name is Samantha and I am currently 15 years old. My favorite band is tool I love Maynards voice and the music is something that helps me cope with alot of things. It's been there everytime I'm down and it's something to relate to and calm you. It can change your mood so quickly.. I made a few graphics of tool. I only have done Maynard so far but I'm going to do some more of the rest of the band. I though I would post it in here but if anyone in here doesn't think there should be graphics feel free to delete this post. If you take anyone of these you need to credit me. If you want a username of anything added into the Maynard Friendsonly banner you can comment and I will be more than happy to add it. If you want something changed or whatnot with the glitters also comment and give credit please. I'm hoping to work on icons and color bars for tool. oh yeah and by the way save these to your desktop and upload themn to your own host because more than likely i will be deleteing this at some point and they will appear as an x on your journal. thanks
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