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hopefully..first is the worst, second is the best...

Following </font>indoesanyoneknow</font></font></font> The time was September 11, 2003. I wasnt exactly pulling off the highest GPA, and Daddy dearest decided to get mad about it. A long story short, I was beaten with a baseball bat and on September 17th, taken out of his custody. Foster care was hell. I had to live with a very Christian family, gracious enough to let me in their home, ignorant enough to try to keep my mind out. To press more money from my family, they tried to get me to take medication for reasons I dont know. I got out of there December 22, and I lived with a "family friend." I think she was worse. She and her *perfect* daughter bonded and laughed and played and basically ignored me. I felt jealous and started sleeping more, eating less and staying to myself. They called a couseler... who listened to Tool. She let me borrow Lateralus and I fell asleep listening to Reflection. I tried to get it burned, but not many people could do it. Slightly before that , APC's "Weak and Powerless" became a huge smash hit. I loved it from the minute I heard it, but I swore I had heard it before. In anycase, I paid about my last 5 dollars to someone who rode my bus to get me a copy of the 13th Step. I got it back and I-thought- it was the 13th Step, but it wasnt. It had The Hollow, Pet, Judith, Magdalena, Diary of a Madman/Lovesong, Magdalena (live), and a track I still dont know to this day. But the track I loved most was Magdalena. I listened to that on repeat, non stop while walking a mile, (no, i'm not kidding) from the bus stop to my borrowed house every day . . I made one of my new friends (now sadly, an ex-friend) listen to the CD, she went and bought the actual thing and I would borrow it from her and listen to the Noose, Gravity.. we memorized the words. It was one of the things that brought us together. May 5th, 2004...I went back to live with my dad.Coincidentally,  the APC tour was going to be rolling around in about three weeks.  I had never been to a concert before. My dad felt really bad for what he did, I guess.. so he let me go. I remember cleaning our old apartment in the clothes I was going to wear to the concert and thinking I was going to smell like disinfectant. Anyway, we get there with my friend in tow, and we decided to go to the floor. Fuck seat tickets. We were looking for a way to do it, there were guards everywhere. And all of a sudden, a guard leaves. Now... I had to make a choice, break the rules and get what I want, or mouse up.

I'm a cat woman, fuck mousing up.

But due to my paranoia, I made her go all the way to the front with me. And I'm talking to her and I'm like "OMG I CANT WAIT TO HEAR MAGDALENA!!!" and these two boys were like 'hell yes."  We talked to them for a while..but we never got their names. We made up silly names for them afterwards. But they were our sort of guardians for the night.. near the end, they got seperated. It was actually at Pet. But I have utter faith that I will see them again, you know? Haha, so Judith comes on. Big finale. Beautiful show, bodies spinning in estcasy. The time when they hand out water. And I saw that Maynard gave his bottle down to the first row and was passed right. So I think, that along with 20 other people, her and I sipped from Maynard's cup.

On a final note.. I screamed "I LOVE YOU BILLY" and Billy Howerdel smiled at me.

The end. <3

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