Lord Master Badass (shitblowsover) wrote in alientheory,
Lord Master Badass

A gentle reminder

It's been ages since there was a real post in this community. call_of_cthulhu, the founder with his amazing theory has been MIA for about 2 years now. I hope that he is still alive, but I do have my doubts. Anyway, I just wanted to post a gentle reminder to those of us out there that still read this community what it was based on and why it's important.

The band TooL is comprised of 2 aliens and 2 semi-aliens. Maynard and Adam are the "true alien" band members, so I will go into more detail about them in a minute. From all their planets, which are musically beyond ours, they are the ones who sucked the most, and were considered banished on the basis that Maynard couldn't sing high enough, Adam wasn't fast enough or creative enough on guitar, and Danny got shipped because he isn't 'truly' alive, and they needed a drummer.

First, Danny is a robot. He was made by aliens to drum with perfection at any speed without fail. He is outfitted with a synthetic human looking skin, so that he wouldn't feel left out of the group when they came to earth. He is by far the most talented in skill I have ever witnessed... look at the calve muscles!!
Now, Justin. He joined the band after the original bassist "disappeared off the face of the earth" (his mom missed him so he went home.) He was already partially alien and had been on earth for a while and Maynard found him and you know the rest. Basically, he was incorporated, and he adapted and became one with the band.
Adam Jones, is by far one of the best animators ever. Sober still creeps me, and I know that it's clay... at least that's what I tell myself. He is, in his original form, 10 feet tall and a bunch of blue gooey mass. He is the prettiest of the group because his people are shapeshifters, so it was far too easy for him to adapt a form that was both convincing and attractive. He does have the best disguise.
Now Maynard. Maynard has no actual spine. The ink of his tattoo is the most that he has, so therefore, his 'spine' is made of ink. He moves in the most disturbing/beautiful way. He has lungs that are the length from his collarbone to his knees. That's why he can scream, on key, for so long. He also has infallable timbre. He only uses a mic so we won't catch that he's actually just singing, without any power in them. He is also a lyrical genius. That's my opinion.

I can't speak for anyone else in the community but this is the only Tool community that I am a member of. I, like Cthulu, grew tired of the crap that always happened in my favorite of tool communities. All of my favorites are deleted and gone because of shit that happened between the moderator(s) and members. And yet this one remains, but unactive.

So bring about action, if you've got any.

Just remember the theory.
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